About the campaign

An emerging alliance of organisations is coming together to form the Our Future Fund campaign, to promote avenues for action on climate change and spark conversation on what kind of country we want Australia to be. Our alliance includes Caritas Australia, 350.org, Impact Investment Group and Catholic Earth care.

Our Asks

We are  calling on the guardians of the Future Fund to:

1. Drop its investments in the fossil fuel industry, starting with companies thatmine, explore for and burn coal.

2. Offer more transparency about what the Future Fund invests in.

There are so many reasons why our Future Fund needs reform

1. Renewable energy sources are projected to be one of the cheapest forms of power by 2035 (Quadrennial energy review, US Department of Energy, April 2015)

2. Trusted industry research shows that the vast majority of Australianconsumers don’t want investments in their name to be held in climate-wrecking assets. (RIAA [responsible investment association of Australasia]2017 from values to Riches, & 2019 State of the Market Report)

3. Fossil-fuel exposed companies, assets and investments are vulnerable to litigation risk. Compensation processes have begun against US state governments, Exxon Mobil and the Governments of Canada,the Netherlands and Ireland. (Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University)Divesting our money from fossil fuels will make the Future Fund smarter, more responsible and better able to invest for the benefit of future generations of Australians